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Did you ever hear the story of the two college debaters who ended up working in the same call center? True story. One was a sociology major, the other one got an economics degree. One of them railed against capitalism for years, end up sipping calls and kissing the asses of CEOs. The other one, who had posters of Ayn Rand, ended up one step below the sociologist...


Any drummer will tell you that the secret to all life is to find the one. Find the one? What the….?

ONE - - two - - three - - four - - ONE - - two - - three - - four

Oh you little rebel you!! You scream bloody hatred towards conformity, yet you are biologically wired to seek order, sequence, patterns and to conform to the authority of them. Oh yes you do!! And the more you fight against your own biology, the more you empower the conformist from within!!...