The Jade Helm 15 Logo: A Scientific Analysis

In Texas, you know the governor called out the state guard to oversee the military operations. What’s up with this Jade Helm 15 thing? We’re going to find out, or at least make some conclusions, in this article. Let’s break some ground without geeing out too much math.

We’re going to use math, science, and language. Language and math are two main components of reality. Math is the language of the structure of matter, space, and time. It is even more than that. Language is how our mind works. I will keep scientific with my descriptions, though I will sometimes draw conclusions.

Let’s take a look at this logo:

Logo history

According to, the logo symbol originated as this symbol for Indian Scouts (same as U.S. Scouts) and really came into form with this special forces logo:

By the way, De Opresso Liber means “Liberate From Oppression. I only show you this for background. For an older, more symbolic math look, take a second look at the original logo with a tetrahedron overlayed on it:

Weird, right? It looks like what’s called a star tetrahedron. Actually, all of the following symbols have a possible math or symbol connection to the Jade Helm 15 logo.

But to go into the significance of the star tetrahedron, walmart logo, and Chi Rho symbol (the above symbols) is beyond the scope of this article. If you look closely at the above images you can start to make out the similarities. For a person who’s been looking at math symbols for years, it’s obvious.

Now, let’s break the logo up into 3 pieces., the center, name, and slogan. We’re going to analyze the symbol in the center first, this image:

I’ll get to the transparent fuzzy image in the middle of the weapons later. Having a degree in Mathematics, I immediately noticed that this center piece (the image above) is identical something in Math as it relates to science. It’s really obvious to me, but let me color code it for you:

OK geek out with me for a second. The logo on the right is a rotated version of the math symbol on the left. It’s so obvious for a nerd like me, but let me walk you through it. The green sword on the right represents the green arrow on the left. The purple arrow on the right matches the purple arrow on the left when it is rotated. The red arrow on the right matches the red arrow when rotated on the left. The arrows show you where each piece moves to. Simply carefully rotate the image in your mind. Again, it’s so obvious for a professional spatially oriented geek like me. The symbol is just rotated to be a symmetrical logo. it is very obvious that this is a math symbol and thus a science symbol.

But let’s go further. In math all of these arrow things are called vectors. What are vectors? Look at this image:

Notice the pattern above? All three are vectors when it comes to math. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of vector (remember I said language was a part of this):

1. (summary) a math symbol

2. (summary) an agent that carries a disease

3. (summary) a direct airplain flight.

Now we don’t have enough information to draw conclusions, but note that the weapons are imitating math that is foundational to science and the definition of vector includes disease agents. This term ‘vector’ comes up a lot in my research and to make a long research story short (I’ll write more about this in the future) vector seems to equal weapon. The above image shows that too.

I only offer the vector=weapon analogy so that you can start watching for it in life and get a feel for the logo right now. The vector=weapon connection is very, very common in our world if you start looking around, it’s a main pattern.

So these vectors = weapons seem to be an important part of the Jade Helm 15 logo.

Now let’s move onto the slogan. It is “Master of the Human Domain”. This logo and slogan were released in documents to request military presence in states. Here’s the release for Texas (link to pdf). This is where we first saw the logo and slogan. The military is silent on what the slogan means and it is interesting that they made public (yes public!) a slogan about “Mastering the Human Domain”.

Domain, interestingly enough, is a math term intimately related to the math we’ve discussed.

Let’s draw a conclusion (carefully):

“There’s something here about being master of humans and mathematics involving weapon symbols.”

Just for your information, here are the areas of science where the math symbol is commonly used:


Chemistry of Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

Chemistry in General



Again, Math is the structure of time and space and is very important. Look at the list. If you look at CERN, the chemicals in our food, the changes to our atmosphere, etc. you will see that these areas are the exact same areas where a lot of human issues are today.

Let’s just take one example from the above sciences. Here’s a basic concept from the physics of CERN. (OK I’m geeking out again)

Again, the green sword in the middle of the right image represents the arrow Y on the left. Z on the right goes with Z on the left. X on the right goes with X on the left. Carefully rotate the image in your mind. This is straight from CERN.

Notice the “shoe” in the middle of the original logo that is transparent. I’ll show you a close-up:

Do you see it?

It’s a clog. Here’s a picture of the exact one:

The clog type is called a ‘sabot’ (short for sabotage). These slippers were a sign of resistance in the industrial revolution in Europe. Specifically, these ‘sabot’ users would not switch to more efficient leather shoes and so said to be a ‘sabotage’. Poor disgruntled workers used to sometimes throw them into the machines. Here’s where it get’s interesting. Let’s look at three Maryam Webster definitions of “sabot” besides the obvious sabotage reference:


1. (summary) wood Dutch shoe from industrial revolution.

2. (summary) a part of a large weapon like a missile launcher.

It’s striking that definition number two involves weaponry. This could be a coincidence, or my guess is that the weapon definition is important.

So we’ve got in the logo:

with weapons mathematically outlining and stabbing through a historical civilian shoe that stood for worker sabotage and has a weapons definition as well. This is getting stranger.

Now let’s switch over and look at the name “Jade Helm”

“J.A.D.E.“- Is what’s called an APP for the US military, standing for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution.”



Let’s add these to the statement derived from the logo

“There’s something here about being master of humans, mathematics and science involving weapon symbols. Also eliminating militants.”

It seems that they are targeting (although it’s hidden) humanity in general

Let’s work with our final statement:

“There’s something here about being master of humans, mathematics and science involving weapon symbols. It involves humanity in general. Also eliminating militants.”

I’m going to draw a conclusion, and it’s my honest look at this statement:

“Someone is targeting humanity or part of humanity as militants with math and science. ”

This is what honestly comes out of the logo from a math, science, and language perspective. It’s a little disturbing and strange. If you enjoyed professionally geeking out with me, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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