The Orgone Accumulator Box - History and Modernizing

I’m going to assume in this article that you know what orgone, orgone devices, and orgonite are. If you don’t here’s a few background sources:

Cancer Biopathy Excerpt - Wilhelm Reich

What is Orgonite? at

As is indicated at, there is an important distinction to be made between orgone devices such as the orgone accumulator box of Reich’s time and the orgonite devices such as orgone pyramids of today.

Back in Reich’s time, he never allowed anyone in his orgone accumulator box on smoggy, DOR-heavy days. DOR, or “dead orgone” as Reich called it, includes things like smog, EMF, and radiation. It is naturally occurring, though it is much more prevalent in today’s world with cell phone towers and electronics being so common. Thus, it is obvious that it is more important to be careful of orgone devices that attract DOR as they work such as Reich’s orgone accumulator box. It is my opinion that that device, though it was safe in Reich’s day, is unsafe in our modern world. At the very least it should be used in a remote area, but why risk it?

Don Croft brilliantly changed everything. With the addition of a quartz crystal encased in fiberglass resin, Don was able to make orgone devices that transmute negative DOR into positive orgone. This remarkable discovery has paved the way for current orgone accumulators, orgone, pyramids, and orgone cloudbusters.

The beauty of Reich’s original orgone accumulator box (see for exact plans) was that was so effective with cancer, diseases, and conditions was that it had an internal iron lining with layers of organic and inorganic material outside of this. The layers would attract the orgone (and DOR if it was present) and the orgone energy would bounce back and forth inside of the steel interior, healing the person inside.

modern orgone accumulator box plans

This is brilliant because inorganic material attracts and then quickly repels orgone energy and organic material absorbs it outright. The layers would bring in the energy, bouncing prolifically and then shoot inside to be bounced back and forth by the iron lining (inorganic) inside.

You see, the orgone energy, would be attracted to the opposite side of the inside of the box, then bounce across to be attracted to the other side once again, repeating like a laser field as I see it. Any escaping energy would be (most of it) re-absorbed back inside the box by the layers surrounding the iron interior. It was brilliant.

Patients would stay inside the box for around thirty minutes to an hour and they would be saturated with orgone energy until their bodies could not take anymore.

The problem is that DOR would also be absorbed into the box. These days, DOR is much more prevalent. Since the box was perhaps one of the most powerful healing devices ever created, how could we make a box in today’s world?

Perhaps a box could be constructed out of at least sixteen orgone pyramids with a steel interior, but it is possible that you would have to cover the outside of the box with orgone pyramids, which would be heavy and cost thousands of dollars in materials.

I would like to open a discussion on the construction of a safe, transmuting orgone accumulator box that could be used in today’s world, safe being the key. It would have to use orgone pyramids with quartz crystals to transmute DOR. It would have to have a metal interior, perhaps iron (why reinvent the wheel, right?), but care would have to be made so that the iron was not attracting DOR. My first sense is that the entire outside would have to be covered with orgone pyramids, but again, this would cost thousands of dollars and would take days if not weeks of constant construction.

Here in this article is a design for a possible safe orgone accumulator box made out of modern orgonite (below). It would be very heavy and difficult to construct, but it is likely, with careful testing, that it would work.

By the time you use that many orgone pyramids, though, you might as well just place them in a room and sit in the center of them all and absorb the energy that way. It would be very powerful.

Thus, I would like to hear from the community ideas for a safe orgone accumulator box that would be more cost effective than my design and still transmute modern DOR. If you’d like to donate to the construction of a modern safe orgone accumulator box, contact us through our contact page.

Many thanks to Don Croft for his discovery. Here is his current website. Please leave any comments in the form below.

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