Jay Essex Interview by Christy, AKA The Garden Hoe

Christy, AKA The Garden Hoe had the opportunity to interview the totally awesome Jay Arae Essex for NakedAwakening.com. It was banter and discussion of Jay's new book titled "Creation" including of course, inquiring minded questions from The Garden Hoe. Jay is real, hilarious and powerful with both his skills and information. (we were lucky enough to get a demonstration!) Christy, being the rapscallion she is, attempts to bring you this witty and fun discussion of creation, source energy, the fae, the original beings. Christy is well known for her quirky humor. Partner this with Jay's brilliant vision, abilities and insight, you have a very interesting yet informative show. Jay has a vast body of work so we are very excited to bring you this very interesting exploration of Jay's insight and abilities to you. Enjoy!

Christy wanted to make sure to apologize in advance to:

  • David Wilcock

  • Those lazy bastards that use "The Secret"

  • Rigid minds

  • Religious zealots

  • Those that don't appreciate the pizazz of some snazzy overalls

  • "That guy over there"

Just in case you need it, complaint board.

Andre B.
Jay is fascinating and Christy is amazing, adorable, with just the right amount of unpredictability, craziness, loving energy, sense of humor, knowledge and confidence. I love the way she reacts to stuff; always so upbeat and cool. I've never felt so much "chemistry".