Theory of How a Quartz Crystal Works in Orgone

Hi, Bob - writer 13013 here. I have a tie to crystals, especially quartz. Perhaps past lives, but that is speculation. The quartz crystal is the awakening crystal, the nervous system and brain of the crystals on earth. I am not special (everyone can do this) but I can move beyond language and look clearly at what crystals and other things do. See key concept #1 where I say that everyone is capable of this. You just have to let go of language and focus.

Key concepts:

- Everyone is able to see in pictures, though each person is different. If you have a nervous system, which is the quartz crystal of the body, you have the ability to move beyond mind clutter and language to see information much more clearly in your mind.

- Quartz works as a whole unit on Earth, all quartz crystals resonating together.

- The reason why quartz and other stones produce such strong orgone energy is because they are working as a unit with the Earth. All quartz crystals, for example, form a network with all other quartz crystals on Earth.

-,Orgone energy is put into all quartz crystals from the earth as a whole, much of this happens in the outer layers of the Earth’s crust, to a lesser extent in the core and on the surface of the planet.

- The human body is an intricate complex crystal.

- Quartz crystals, and as far as I can tell all stones, resonate with similar molecular structures in the human body to transfer orgone energy into bions (Wilhelm Reich’s work) that heal that tissue, the surrounding tissue, and kill l-bacilli in and around that tissue. That’s why different stones affect different parts of the body. They resonate with different parts of the body, which is a complex crystal.

- Points on a crystal focus the energy like an antenna. The energy moves from inside the crystal out through the points. Surface flaws cause static in this antenna effect, though all quartz is wonderful. Orgone purifies the surface flaws when a crystal hardens in fiberglass resin, which is what can be seen when a quartz crystal goes clear inside of an orgone piece.

- Because Orgone blends the quartz crystal with the surrounding resin, the surface of the crystal is effected, which creates more energy flowing out from inside the crystal and it resonates differently with the body, effecting more and different systems. A quartz crystal outside or orgone, then, will resonate differently than a quartz crystal in orgone, and the ones in orgone, because of the surface change, resonate together with the resin with much more energy at a lower stronger vibration.

- The quartz crystal, as you may have already guessed, is the nervous system of an orgone piece.

- Some of these concepts apply to other stones, like how they resonate with different parts of the body to kill different l-bacilli, how they are amplified by the resin, and how they work together as a whole with the earth (each type of stone resonates separately and in a network with all other stones of the same type).

- As you may already know, the color of a stone matters.

- There are two antennas in an orgone pyramid. One is the tip of the fiberglass resin and one is the point on the quartz crystal. The entire orgone pyramid works as a special type of crystal.

- A quartz crystal in resin, although it acts quite a bit differently than a crystal outside of orgone, acts like a bigger crystal (more orgone energy) – size matters with crystals. Either you can say the crystal acts larger or it just channels more orgone energy, it’s the same thing.

- As you may already know by Don Croft’s work, crystals and stones clean the DOR (dead orgone or negative orgone energy) that a pyramid attracts. You can thank the Earth for this.

That is what I see quite clearly as to what is going one with quartz in orgone.

By the way, Christy here at makes some lovely and functional orgone custom pieces, each of course with quartz, see here for details.

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Interesting concepts. Crystals are indeed powerful. What a gift to work with these healers.