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Hi, this is 13013 here at I used my understanding of geometry to “prove” that orgone travels up an orgone pyramid and out the top at the point. I have a bachelors of science in Mathematics, by the way, but I’ve tried to make this simple.


The diagram below (Figure 1) describes it all, but let me give you a basic understanding.

A vector (arrow) in the diagram has two aspects to it:

1. The longer it is, the more likely it is that the energy flows that way.

2. It shows (of course, it’s an arrow) the direction of the energy.

I used Wilhelm Reich’s knowledge that

1. Orgone is attracted to metal

2. Metal absorbs and then quickly reflects orgone.

3. Inorganic material simply absorbs orgone.

You can ignore #3 because it always does the same thing – absorbs. That’s a little bit simplistic, but it turns out it pretty much can be ignored.

In the diagram

A represents the flow of orgone in one direction (for example, top to bottom)

B represents the flow of orgone in the other direction (for example, left to right)

C represents the combined flow when you put together A and B

Orgone Energy Flow of the Coil

Let me try to put it in simple terms. Look at the spiral coil in figure 1 below. The arrows labeled “A” show that orgone is moving towards the center more powerfully than it is moving away from the center. Why? because there’s more metal towards the center of the spiral than at the outer edges. Take a close look. Orgone is attracted to not only the metal near it, but the metal on the opposite side of the coil. In Reich’s work with his Orgone accumulator box, he says that the orgone shoots across back and forth inside of the metal box. Thus, the metal on the other side of the coil is attracting the orgone too. This makes the orgone flow towards the center of the coil in the direction labeled A.

In reality, it’s bouncing all over the place, but in geometry, you take the most traveled path and put an arrow to it.

Now let’s look at the coil arrows labeled "B". These arrows indicate that the orgone is attracted to the metal near it to the right and left the most, the closest metal. Again, it’s bouncing all over the place in reality, and being absorbed into the inorganic material, but most of that cancels out as far as the SUM DIRECTION of the energy. Take a close look, for example at the arrows labeled B to the right of the coil. The energy wouldn’t travel out as much because the coil is tiled INWARD and orgone is attracted to metal.

Now look at the curved arrows labeled “C”. These are what you get when you combine the overall arrows “A” and “B”. This is what most of the energy, or at least the flow of the energy is doing according to Reich’s description of how metal works with it. It is spiraling inward (Arrows C). Comine A and B in your mind. You get C.

The Spiraled Crystal

Now look at the spiraled crystal in the bottom right-hand corner of the diagram. Arrows A indicate, like with the coil, that energy is moving towards the center of the spiraled crystal towards the edges where the coil is really. Again, ignore the inorgantic material. It always does the same thing – absorbs. Since there is more concentrated metal at the top, there is more of a movement up. Arrows B indicate that there is a slanted upward motion at the top of the coil since there is a concentration of metal towards the top in a slanted way. B also indicates that energy is moving up and to the right of the coil since it moves to the metal closest to it. Note it would not move down as much because the coil is curved up and to the right, causing the energy to be more attracted to the closest metal – up and to the right of it because of the curve.

“C” indicates how the whole flow of energy is moving when you add “A” and “B”. It’s interesting that there is a slight downward movement from the top of the coil to the bottom, but due to B and the concentrated metal at the top of the coil, most of the energy, and thus the direction, is going up. It in fact, spirals three dimensionally up the crystal, getting pulled back down but still mostly moving up.

Pyramid Energy Movement

Note the pyramid in the top right-hand corner of the figure. Now we put the other two learnings together and add layers of metal and resin. The layers, labeled A would cause energy to flow up and down equally in both directions.

“B” Shows our previous learnings. Energy goes in towards the center of the spiral, and energy goes up the crystal.

“C” in that figure shows the result. A curved arrow that goes towards the center of the pyramid and shoots out the top of the crystal.


So we’ve shown using geometry that energy moves in and up an orgone pyramid, which is what intuition says that it would.

Again, this all comes from two main things from Reich:

1. Orgone is attracted to metal, even metal far from it (but more attracted to metal close to it)

2. Metal absorbs and then reflects.

I hope this makes sense. The geometry is a bit to think about it, but if you take a look at the figure it shows the whole thing.

I’d love to hear comments or take questions about what I’ve shown with the comment form below: