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Order custom Organite from our Shaman The Garden Hoe. All of the images are Organite by the Garden Hoe. We sell at gifting prices! - much less expensive than most people because we want this to be about giving and helping.

We create custom pieces for specific types of illnesses, general healing energy, transforming EMF or beautiful work that is just that - gorgeous!

Pyramids are meant to be beautiful, draw, and transform energy from the earth and surroundings. Pucks are meant to absorb negative energy and EMF.

All products on the site include free shipping.
Basic small pyramids are $43
Basic large Pyramids are $75
Clear, transparent resin portable mini pucks - accumulators (picture coming soon) made with good energy products are $10.99 for one, and 5 for and $29.99

If you'd like something with custom made stones like black tourmaline for absorption and transformation of negative energy or nummite to connect with your origin (just two examples) it will cost extra. We are all about gifting, though, we don't overcharge.

Example stones and uses are:

Black Tourmaline for absorption and transformation of negative energy including things like cancer
Nummite - the oldest stone on Earth - for knowing your origin
Rose Quartz for love
Bloodstone for the circulation system
Sodalite for mental stability
Rhodocrodonite for ultimate self and true love as well as gifting
The list goes on and on
We use a variety of stones depending on the intent including many other types not mentioned

We offer a free 10 minute consult so that we can make just the right piece for you, so don't forget to add your phone number when filling out the form.

Fill out the fields below to request a custom order and phone consult: