By Ska Ti Lee 스카 티 리

Congratulations! You found the wonderful universe of Naked Awakening, the website, the Facebook page. You have awoken. You’ve discovered physics, discovery, a higher purpose in abstract shopping. Well that’s just wonderful. Good for you.

As an awakened individual, you want nothing more than to be on a positive high 24/7. Nothing drags on your “vibe” like having to deal with negative, stupid people. And for a while you attempt to transcend your own negativity about it by reprogramming your thoughts, the tone of the language that goes on in your fragile head, and paste on a blurry smile for everyone to look at.

But sooner or later that constant swimming against the tide of the herd turns your transcended wings into heavy oars that look better hanging in a closet. Swimming is no longer enjoyable. Landing on a dock, any dock, sounds more reasonable.

But this dock is never a dock but more of a roller coaster. You get out of the water and now you can’t stand being dry for too long. You just might spend the rest of your life dipping your toe in the waters of the higher life, but never quite get back in. Forever docked until the day you die.

This is the common feeling of those who, in their younger years, somehow briefly transcended the drudgery of the workaday world but fell from their lofty sky like a broken kite once the kids, cars, clothes, mortgage cages, student loans, and credit cards entered the scene.

I have some good news for you. There is a way to recapture the high that you thought was forever lost. For the magic that you have been longing for is still there and never really went away. All you needed was a new pair of wings. That and a new pair of glasses. A different way of looking at the world.

Are you interested? Read on!

Let’s start over. Put away your self-help books, tarot cards, bibles, affirmation cards and your astrological chart. You won’t need those today. All you need to do is to listen up and follow along. No resistance required. You don’t have to think. There is no government or politics or snotty neighbors to worry about. No selfies necessary.

Take a break from the politics of your time. Take a break from fighting it out with the conservative asshole or crazy liberal on Facebook. And forget about the politicians who will say anything and do nothing except waste your time and energy.

This is something anybody can do. It’s so simple that it will blow your mind. And most of all, it will work.

Go find some junk. Something that has no use to anybody. Maybe it’s some stuff you found in a dumpster. Maybe it’s something stashed away in a closet, storage box, cabinet or drawer.

Take this junk and make something new and useful out of it. Useful? What is that? This is the part where you dust off the mental cobwebs and start using your inherent creativity and imagination. Don’t worry about the end result. Just get busy and make something. Take old things and repurpose them towards something new. Useful can mean a lot of things. It could be a tool, an ornament, a piece of art, anything at all.

Have the courage to find some junk. Have the courage to make something. Have the courage to finish. Beginning, middle, end.

Congratulations. You have once again become a productive human being.

Now you are going to become a trader. Post a blog or Facebook post of your new product. Document every aspect of your creative process. Describe and label all of the input processes. What did you use? How much did it cost? How many labor hours? What can your finished product be used for? Can it be used to mend a broken heart? Share your link with Naked Awakening. Make a trade.

That’s right. Whatever your enterprise produced, it is now time to make a trade. DO NOT give your stuff away. This isn’t an exercise in martyrdom or becoming a saint. Feel the awesomeness of producing something of value, first to yourself, then to another human being. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you go through and experience the power of adding value to the world and receiving value in return.

In fact, your goal in life from this point forward is to match value for value. Value is not a number. It is simply the ability and willingness to produce and trade with other human beings.

it is perfectly acceptable to trade for something and then repurpose that received product towards something else. In fact, this activity works best when you purposefully create something that others can easily tear apart and repurpose for something else. There’s a powerful synergy among those who have the courage, strength and trust to freely trade with other like-minded people.

This synergy is the secret ancient ingredient that built great civilizations, and not just the global empire types. Ancient tribes all over the world cherished the life gift of trade. Freely sharing and adding value to the world and between the people who share it.

This gift awaits you!