Here is a great video of Christy that will give you an idea of what we are about:

What is the theory of everything?

Getting to the bottom of “everything” is certainly a tall order. But hey, we are just crazy enough to try! There is a force out there that is absolutely undeniable. It sit patiently waiting for you to find it. Some are satisfied with just a small taste of this energy while they go about their day rationalizing the experience on their current scape goat of choice. While others, typically at their breaking point

For most people, there is a feeling that something “Just isn’t right”. Although this is a feeling that is usually stifled, at some point in ones life, the inevitable “WTF?” moment rushes upon you. For some, like the writers on this webpage allow the feeling to open you to a variety of new thoughts and experiences, while others run to their local church for salvation or run straight to their TV to watch a marathon of the “Real Housewives”.

Understanding the theory of everything would be understanding:

Thought vs. belief
Inclusivity vs exclusitivity

The truth is that no one knows for sure. Rather than draw limited conclusions, here's some questions to ponder:

Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
Who has authority over me and what is their influence?
How does healing function?
What is truth?
What is purpose?
How does creativity play a role?
What is the true history of the planet?
What is important?
What is the negative thrust in this universe?
How can we all wake up to who we really are?

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